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40 Students - Intermediate

28 February 2021
Mallina Foundation
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$ 20861.00

Amount Need:

$ 20861


A college in Aler, Telangana reached out to us seeking sponsorship for 40 students. Most students are academically very good and are facing financial hardships.  Below are some of the challenges these kids are facing and many more that have similar background.

  • Sarra Srikanth is currently studying Intermediate in SR Junior College, Bhonghir. Due to lack of financial stability, his education is discontinued.
  • Gunnam Raju is the son of farmer named Narsiah Kamtam. Due to issues inherent with farming, the family is facing financial hardships is has quite a debt to remediate. Raju’s education is compromised due to affordability.
  • Pavan Kalyan is a very studious and ambitious student who wants to become Doctor. Parents do not have a way to secure funds for his education.
  • Md Anwar is a brilliant student who achieved 990/1000 in 10th grade. Due to financial issues in his family, they cannot afford his further education. 
  • Bessa Pratap is one of few children in our yadadri district who achieved 2nd prize in marathon competition held at Hyderabad-2019. We are providing him tuition fee to further his studies.
  • Yeggireddy Kishore is one of the brightest and courteous student in the village of Kacharam. He is actively participating in NGO programs conducted at his Town and is continuously engaging in volunteer works. Encouraging this teen to dream big, appreciating and providing him with a scholarship.
  • Kishtagoni Suresh is an orphan and brought up in Aler, Yadadri District. He is presently staying in Telangana Social Welfare Residential School in Jangaom.
  • Nikhil Rathod is the student currently studying 10+2 in JMJ junior College in the town of Aler. He is the Son of Daily wage worker and his family cannot afford for his education.
  • We are providing scholarship for both the brothers Arbaz Siddiqui and Shabhazz Siddiqui for their excellence in their academic grades.

We are providing them with tuition, accommodation, and clothing fee. Below are the particulars. 

Fee Type Fee Amount
Tuition Fee

Rs. 31,000

Accommodation Fee

Rs. 12,800

Clothing Fee



Rs. 48,600

Total USD Per Kid



*** Funds have been transferred to the college as per the details below - Receipt from college in images ***

Date Fees Disbursed Amount ($) Amount (INR) Exchange Rate

January 31, 2020


Rs. 212,100


February 21, 2020


Rs. 567,600


April 18, 2020


Rs. 454,500


May 6, 2020


Rs. 289,961




Rs. 1,524,161

73.12 (Avg)


  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    40 students from one college reached out to us seeking sponsorship. Below are details.

    $ 20861.00 Raised of $ 20861 Goal