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What we do

Mallina Foundation is founded with a great passion to raise the literacy rates in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The foundation also endeavors on responding to social causes. A wide range of social causes supported by the foundation, to name a few, are listed below.
  • Sponsor a Child

    This is a flagship initiative of the Foundation. We sponsor academically forward and financially struggling students to attain better education. With the financial status of a family, educating their child takes a backseat and often times force their kids earn as a daily labor. This cycle continues until someone comes forward to sponsor their education. We step in to help. In order to get sponsorship, we look for the students academic background along with the family financial status. We pay the fee for tuition and books directly to schools / colleges.

  • Women Welfare & Childcare

    Women, being primary organizers of a household, tend to put family well being first compared to their own. In the process, they go through hardships in shaping the family's wellbeing. Similarly, children do not get the required levels of nuturious food as infants or toddlers. Be it poverty or affordability or lack of education, their health is often compromised. The foundation is geared towards understanding their hardships and provide sustainable solutions for their wellbeing. We visit orphanages frequently to assess and help with operations.  

    Adopt a Village

    In line with the programs set out by the State Governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Mallina Foundation is boosting NRI’s to participate in adopt-a-village program.  The objective is to collaborate with all our donors in identifying the villages in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, align the thought process with the government funded programs, identify the gaps in funding, and initiate campaigns to procure the capital. Donors of the respective villages are updated regarding the fund raising and progress made in the villages.

  • Relief Efforts

    Natural disasters can be utterly devastating to people’s lives and the environments they live in. They leave behind lives shattered and cause population displacement. When such unfortunate and untoward incidents happen, the foundation starts a fund raising campaign after assessing the initial aftermath. The efforts are carried out in parallel to the fund raising campaign to ensure a timely helping hand/sustenance.

  • Old Age Homes

    Though pathetic it’s a bitter truth that, with the increasing flow of nuclear families, the aging citizens of the country are relying on old age homes to live their last days in peace. Unfortunately, in most old age homes, financial assistance and quality of service is a handicap. We help in supporting old age homes in the State of Andhra Pradesh, particularly those in West Godavari District where most of the founders hail from. We plan to expand into other districts soon. 

  • Temple Restoration

    Particularly in remote villages, temples of historic significance seldom gets attention. Subsequently, the temples are not well maintained and often cause inconveniences to devotees/pilgrims/tourists. Mallina Foundation strongly believes in restoring temples of historic significance that in turn will help villages attract devotees/pilgrims/tourists. Attracting visitors will help the local vendors, hotels etc and generates revenue for the villages, thus making them self sufficient in their daily operations.