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Bindu Madhavi Nama

15 August 2017
Mallina Foundation
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$ 632.00

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$ 632


Bindu Madhavi Nama (pronounced bin-dhu mah-duh-vi nah-muh), is the only daughter Madhukanth Nama (pronounced mah-dhu-can-th nah-muh). Her family is financially struggling as her father works as a tractor driver and his work is very seasonal (agricultural cycles). His daily wages, if recruited to drive a tractor, is less than $8/day.  His only daughter is studied in Government Schools until 10th grade and has scored 100% (4.5 GPA equivalent).

She is picked up by Narayana Educational Institute for further studies at a discounted fee structure. With the earnings of the family the way it is, they are not able to afford the discounted fee structure either. Mallina Foundation was approached to help sponsor this kid to further her education. She has been sponsored for 11th grade and is now looking for sponsorships for 12th grade.

Upon careful review of the academic background and financial hardship the family is going through, we have started working with the college to give us some time to raise funds and sponsor this kid. We are reaching out to all our sponsors and supporters to help with this cause.

Her education credentials and the coverage she received in the media (Govt Schools tops 100% marks in 10th grade) are presented in the images. Please review and help a kid achieve their dreams

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    Bindu is the only daughter of a farm worker and has high aspirations and career goals in life.

    $ 632.00 Raised of $ 632 Goal