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Cyclone - Relief Efforts

14 May 2019
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 2015.00

Amount Need:

$ 6000


**** We started fund raising to support for Cyclone Titli effected areas. However, we have received ground reports that the Government of Andhra Pradesh has acted timely and subsequent help will be duplicating efforts and finances. Hence, our Board has taken a decision to keep these funds aside to help victims / areas should a relief effort be required soon. Stay tuned for more updates. ****

Cyclone Titli (meaning butterfly) made landfall in Palasa and caused devastating damage to the States of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The cyclone caused widespread damage in Srikakulam and Vizayanagaram districts. With winds ranging between 150 - 165 kmph, the cyclone has thrown normal life out of gear impacting approximately 200 villages in State of Andhra Pradesh alone. Offical numbers as of now state that the cyclone has caused 7 deaths and the damage to infrastructure is mounting.

Horticulture crops have suffered extensive damage in Srikakulam District while paddy suffered in Vizayanagaram. Coconut plantations, banana and mango trees were uprooted distrupting the livelihood of many farmers. We have a team ready on the ground evaluating the needs. For now, we are looking to raise funds to help with daily needs - water, milk, bread, blankets etc. 

Estimate of Supplies:

Item Quantity Unit Cost Total (INR) Total (USD)
Milk - 500ml 2500 35 87,500 1250
Milk - 200ml 3000 20 60,000 857
Bread / Bun 2000 14 28,000 400
Water Packets 30000 0.50 15,000 214
Blankets 2000 100 200,000 2857
Transporatation (Gas & Volunteer Expenses)     25,000 357
      415,500 5,936









We are reaching out to all our donors and supporters to help rebuild lives of those that were impacted by this cyclone. As a reminder, all donations made to the foundation are tax deductible under 501c(3).

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Relief efforts for cyclone effected areas.

    $ 2015.00 Raised of $ 6000 Goal