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Meghana Garikina - 12th Grade

30 July 2018
Mallina Foundation
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$ 485.00

Amount Need:

$ 485


We have sponsored Meghana Garikina, the youngest of three, last year and her progress is very impressive. She has scored 9.83 aggregate (4.0 GPA equivalent) and is looking for help to sponsor her for 12th grade. Her ultimate dream is become a Doctor and has started preparation for exams. She hails from a family where the ability to provide food at the table is highly dependent on how their fishing expeditions (father is a fisherman) end on a daily basis.

Meghana and her siblings (elder sister and elder brother) were able to study in Govt. Schools until now and they have scored an impressive 97% on average. Her father has taken loans to send his son to Engineering (Aditya Engineering College, Surampalem) and her elder sister is studying 11th Grade (scored 96.8%).

With their situation as is, Meghana is seeking financial assistance to further her studies. Without outside help, the family might discontinue her education and her dreams of becoming a Doctor crushed. The college fee is 32,000 INR (approximately $500 USD).

We have signed up to help Meghana continue her studies and achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a doctor. We request our donors and patrons to come forward and support this initiative.

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Strives to become a doctor and her family financial situation is preventing from doing so

    $ 485.00 Raised of $ 485 Goal