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Mercy U

14 May 2019
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 300.00

Amount Need:

$ 300


Mercy comes from a family of five daughters and hails from a poor family. Her father is a drunkard and whatever earnings he gets from daily labor, he spends it on liquor. The situation is so dire that one of his five daughters has passed away due to lack of food and Mercy currently is suffering from vitamin deficiency as well. 

There were many more kids in an orphange PURE Online maintains in Tanuku. Mallina Foundation was approached for help and we lined up a donor to pick up one kid. With the help of our supporters, we were able to place Mercy in the orphange, join her in Govt School for education and provided shelter and nutrious food.

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Providing basic education

    $ 300.00 Raised of $ 300 Goal