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Niharika Pedapati - Engineering

14 July 2020
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 0

Amount Need:

$ 4000


Niharika Pedapati family's earns their livelihood by selling milk. They have two buffalos and her parents make 8000 INR (~$107) per month. Her parents value educating their daughter and she has shown phenomenal prowess up until now. She completed her High School with 9.25 Grade average and prior to that, she score 9.8 (out of 10) grade average in Xth grade. With her aspirations to become a Computer Science Engineer, Niharika has attended all the competitive examinations and was able to secure admission in Koneru Lakshmaih Education Foundation in Vijayawada. Below are her fee particulars.

Fee Particulars Due Date Hostel Fee Amount (INR) Total (INR)
Ist Installment July 2020   125,000  
2nd Installment Dec 2020   125,000  
Totals (INR)     250,000  
Totals (USD)