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Nisrita Ladi

15 August 2017
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 174.00

Amount Need:

$ 174


Remember Asrith Ladi? He was the first student we have sponsored for 12th grade and he successfully completed the course with good grades and is now gearing up to pursue undergraduate studies. We have been in constant touch with the Vice Prinicipal, Ravikiran Kallepalli, of Narayana College – Srikakulam. He has been instrumental in helping Asrith achieve good grades.

We were contacted by the Vice Principal recommending Nisrita Ladi. She is Asrith’s sister and the only means of earnings is from their single mother – trying to make ends meet with her tailoring skills and small household works. Their family lives in Srikakulam area. Like her brother, Nisrita performs academically much better and is looking for some assistance to pursue high school education.

Knowing the family’s financial hardship and the academic background of Nisrita Ladi, we are working with Narayana College in giving us some time to raise funds and sponsor the kid. Mr. Ravikiran Kallepalli, knowing our history of sponsoring students is working with his management to acquire more time.

With the academic year already on the roll, we are requesting all our supporters and donors to help with this cause. Mr.Ravikiran Kallepalli was able to give us discounted fee structure and below are the details.

Item Amount Paid
Total Fee 32,000 INR  
Nisrita Fee Contribution   -5,000 INR
Discount from Narayana Group   -16,000 INR
Fee paid by Mallina Foundation   -11,000 INR
Grand Total 32,000 INR 32,000 INR


  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Nisrita wants to become an Engineer and is struggling financially to pursue that dream.

    $ 174.00 Raised of $ 174 Goal