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Notebook Drive

19 August 2019
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 550.00

Amount Need:

$ 1500


Notebooks, something that is very essential for students of all grades, are very expensive for many students. We are partnering with 20+ high performing government schools in and around Kakinada and are planning to provide books for students of 8th, 9th and 10th grades.

To provide more clarity, high performing government schools are those where students in these government schools are performing academically well and teachers are equally motivated to prepare the students to face the competitive world. Our team on the ground has identified such schools in and around East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

We need 5000 notebooks and the cost per notebook is approximately Rs. 20. We plan to provide 5 notebooks for each student costing a total of Rs. 100 per student of approximately $1.50 per student. We have partnered with a printing press (notebook manufacturers) locally in Andhra Pradesh and we are actively negotiating the costs and will likely be able to reduce the costs further.

  • To sponsor 5 students, it would cost $7.50
  • To sponsor 10 students, it would cost $15

We urge our supporters to help with this cause!

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Sponsor notebooks for school going students. 5 notebooks per student cost $1.50 only.

    $ 550.00 Raised of $ 1500 Goal