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02 June 2016
Mallina Foundation
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$ 1575.00

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$ 5000


India, with a population of approximately 1.27 Billion (making up to 17.5% of the World population),  has more than a quarter of its citizens living under the poverty line. While these official statistics provide a perception, the reality at the ground level often is much worse. Having a quarter billion people below poverty line brings in additional complications out of which the value for a life; particularly surrounding children, takes a significant back step.

It is a common sight to see children on the streets feeding on garbage, begging or even worse indulging into anti-social activities. While the government does what it can, practically speaking, it is never enough to tame the magnitude of effort required. Among others, the main reasons for children to evolve into street kids is when they face extreme poverty or illiterate or divorce among parents and unable to bear the family tensions or lack of affection from family, death or sickness of parents, to name a few.

In a direction to coach and educate future generations of India, Parivarthana ( - meaning a positive change, started an orphanage that adopts street kids and provides them with the residential facility, food, clothing, medical care, education and counseling services. Street kids - as defined by the orphanage, are children that might have run away from home or is a rag picker or victims of child labor. 

Ever since its inception, the orphanage has 65-75 kids on an average in any given time span. Most times, kids are reunited with their parents. For those that are not as fortunate, Parivarthana bestows a shoulder to rest upon and with their constant counseling and education assistance, kids evolve as good samaritans of the country.

Founders of Mallina Foundation have been supporting Parivarthana from 2012 and have been making small donations on a frequent basis to support the daily operations of the orphanage. To sponsor lunch or dinner for 65-75 kids, it costs around $25-$30 (USD) something similar when a family of 4 dines at McDonalds. Mallina Foundation requests all donors and supporters to donate generously to help craft and direct future generations towards a positive change.

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    An orphanage that adopts street kids

    $ 1575.00 Raised of $ 5000 Goal