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Praja Vidyalayam

02 January 2018
Mallina Foundation (with Kambhampati Mahidhara Foundation)
Raised Amount

$ 11740.00

Amount Need:

$ 10400




We were able to procure funds for all the committed 147 students from our donation drive. Below are the particulars.

Description Amount ($) Amount (INR) Currency Rate
Cost Per Student $80.00 5000 INR $1 USD = 62.50 INR
Actual Cost $78.37 5000 INR $1 USD = 63.80 INR


Donation Source Students Amt($) Amt (INR)
Donors - Website 62 $4953 316,001.40
Mallina Foundation 61 $4803 306,431.40
Donations direct to Praja Vidyalayam 24 $1944 124,000.00
Grand Totals (rounded) 147 $11700 746,433.00
Actual Amounts Disbursed (rounded) 147 $11,520 735,000.00
Currency Rate Savings (rounded)   $180  

The particulars all present in the images added to the project detail. The press release has the details incorrect. The above table details the correct amounts raised and are donated to the school. The savings are absorbed into general funds that will be utilized for upcoming initiatives.


Praja Vidyalayam (pra.juh - meaning school for citizens - is founded in 2000 by Khambhampati Mahidhara Foundation with an aim to provide free education to the children in slum areas. With significant portion of citizens living below the poverty line in India, it is common to send young children to work in tea shops, factories or as domestic helpers to households to earn wages. With an aim to help the youth of India to educate and help their families attain a decent livelihood, the foundation motivates these children to join school, evaluates their mental ability, and admits them into a suitable grade in school.

The school started with 30 students and now has more than 160 students with 14 committed and devoted teachers. Cost for each student is as below.

No. Of Students Cost / Year
1 Student $80
3 Students $240
5 Students $400


The school provides free uniform, text books, notebooks and science equipment and is seeking financial assistance to continue operations at the same pace. In addition to providing free education, the school provides lunch to all its students free of cost and with current financial situation; they are able to provide lunch two days in a week. The objective is to provide for six days in a week.

Mallina Foundation is partnering with the school to run fund raising campaigns and is reaching out to its patrons to help a noble cause - providing free education for the under privileged.

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation (with Kambhampati Mahidhara Foundation)
    Provides free education to children in slum areas.

    $ 11740.00 Raised of $ 10400 Goal