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Rakesh Nalla - 12th Grade

31 July 2018
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 260.00

Amount Need:

$ 260


With established connections, we get quite a few genuine cases for us to consider. With our past sponsorships, we were approached by Ravikiran Kallepalli, Vice Principal of Narayana College, Srikakulam with a request to consider another student, Rakesh Nalla, whose parents livelihood is via selling paan on street sides. The parents were able to pay 10,000 INR towards their son’s education and have explained their financial situation to Ravikiran.

With the academics Rakesh has demonstrated and fully understanding the financial situation of the family, Ravikiran has approached us with a request to sponsor Rakesh for his education. Rakesh currently has scored 9.83 aggregate (equivalent to 4.0 GPA) and is looking forward to advance his studies. Fee particulars of this student are as under.

Description Fee Details (Indian Rupee) USD Equivalent
Total Fee 20,000 $ 303
Study Material, Books etc 7,000 $ 107
Parent Contribution (10,000) ($ 152)
Total Need 17,000 $ 258


  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Another aspiring Engineer who is hit financial burden

    $ 260.00 Raised of $ 260 Goal