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Shanmukha Sagar Dasari

01 June 2016
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 300.00

Amount Need:

$ 300


Peer influence, sometimes, has its own benefits. Here is the story of a 5 year old kid that wants to go to school just because every other kid in the neighborhood is going and he does not have anyone to play with.

When the intentions of the kid were disclosed to his parents (Raju Dasari & Devi Dasari), they were baffled. Education is one aspect that is quite expensive in India and for a couple where the livelihood is less than $100 per month, providing education for their kid is quite a stretch. Unable to bear the expenses and the strong will to get their only son quality education, the couple have tried doing multiple jobs to earn a decent livlihood. But invain, inflation keeps catching up to them whenever an effort is made to increase the household income.

Mallina Foundation's strong belief is to provide education as a means to provide better livelihood - one kid at a time.  This flagship initiative is backed by the strong support from all its donors and founders alike. The team has evaluated Raju Dasari's financial situation and extended their support to sponsor Shanmukha Sagar Dasari for elementary school. The school fee of 12,000 INR ($200 USD) and other incidentals of 6,000 INR ($100 USD) were sponsored by Mallina Foundation on the caveat that the kid needs to be getting good grades in order to qualify for next year funding.

Mallina Foundation worked directly with the school administration (Vidyanidhi School, Peddapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India) and have paid the dues. Shanmukha Sagar Dasari is evolving and Mallina Foundation extends gratitude to Krishna Mallina that has sponsored the kid. Sign Up with us to get updates!