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Sreeja Kasinakota - 4th Grade

19 August 2019
Mallina Foundation
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$ 225.00

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$ 225


We sponsored Sreeja Kasinakota last year and she has shown good academic progress last year. We have evaluated the family’s financial situation and academic progress of the student and we are proud to continue sponsoring Sreeja for further grades. Her academic progress can be viewed in the images section.

***** History of Sreeja Kasinakota with us *****

Vijayalakshmi Kasinikota – a single mother and nurse by profession, is seeking help to educate her only child  - Sreeja Kasinikota. By profession, Sreeja’s mother gets paid approximately $75-$80 per month and is struggling to keep up with raising education costs.

The academic progress of the child was not promising compared to other kids we have sponsored in the past. However, looking at the financial status of the family and the interest to provide better education from the parents helped swing our interest in sponsoring her.

In discussions with parent, on helping Sreeja succeed, we have asked to change her school to one that we know and requested school personnel to have special focus on her studies and extracurricular activities. We did insist that it is only after Sreeja’s progress is when we will contemplate sponsoring her for years to come.

The fee required for Sreeja to attain better education is 19,000 INR (~$290 USD). We reach out to our sponsors to help this cause.

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation

    $ 225.00 Raised of $ 225 Goal