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Undrajavaram - Old Age Home

09 June 2016
Mallina Foundation
Raised Amount

$ 1131.00

Amount Need:

$ 3500


SBS & SNA (Srimati Bethina Subbamma and Sri Nandigam Apparao) Seva Sadan - an old age home in Undrajavaram hosts 90 senior citizens. The old age home primarily runs on donations provided by family members of the inmates and on an average,  inmates or their loved ones contribute $21 USD per month that includes accommodation, food and other incidentals. Monthly expenses account to $2400 USD out of which electricity costs alone costs 10% of the total spend. With high summer and very low winter temparatures, the consumption of electricity among the senior citizens is high and is only about to increase in the future.

In an effort to reduce operational costs and keep them low going forward, the old age home is contemplating solar panels installation on the roof. The solar panel manufacturers and installers have provided all the needed subsidies (for a 5 Kwh system) and yet, the old age home is short of $3500 USD (approximately INR 250,000) to cover all costs.

Mallina Foundation was approached to help with this cause. It is estimated that the cost savings to the old age home on the long run is significant and has agreed to take up this initiative. We urge all our donors and members to help with this cause.

After all, the old age home hosts a generation that made all the sacrifices which allowed us to be where we are!

  • Organized by: Mallina Foundation
    Support the only old age home in Undrajavaram village

    $ 1131.00 Raised of $ 3500 Goal